Elders and Evangelists

Elders and Evangelists

Our Elders

Brad Cicero is retired from P&M Coal Co (32 years). He and his wife, Mary, got married in 1973 and have two children, Jason Cicero and Jillian Hinely. They have 6 grandchildren. The Ciceros have been a members at Northwood since 1999. 

Neal Huggins has worked as a pharmacist for CVS since 2012. Before that he worked at Bruno's pharmacy for 30 years. Neal and his wife Susan got married in 1980 and have four children: Jennifer Hamilton, Katie Kerr, Jake Huggins, and Abby Huggins. They also have 5 grandchildren. The Huggins have been members at Northwood since it began in 1983. 

Jeff Stricklin has been employed as an environmental engineer at Jim Walter Resources, Inc. since 1985. He and his wife, Rhonda, got married in 1981 and have three children: Lauren Lawson, Drew Stricklin, and Brooke Stricklin. They have one grandchild. The Stricklins have been members at Northwood since it began in 1983.  


Our Evangelists 

David Maxson has been preaching at Northwood since 2013. Before that he worked with the Embry Hills church in Atlanta for 12 years and with the Lamar church in Vernon, Alabama for 6 years. He trained with Pete McKee at the Huffman church in Birmingham. David married Adrienne in 1994 and they have three children: Anna, Joshua, and Katie. 

Josh Carter will start working with Northwood this year (2015) and has experience working as an evangelist at the University church in Auburn, Alabama. Josh married Katie in 2013. They both graduated from Auburn University (2015) and grew up at the Prattmont church in Prattville, Alabama.