Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions


Title:  Cherubim

Reading for April 11:  1 Kings 6-7

He put the cherubim in the innermost part of the house. And the wings of the cherubim were spread out so that a wing of one touched the one wall, and a wing of the other cherub touched the other wall; their other wings touched each other in the middle of the house.
1 Kings 6:27

The cherubim played an important role in scripture. They were the protectors of God's holiness. 

  • After the fall they were placed at the entrance to the garden of Eden to guard the way to the tree of life (Gen 3:24).
  • God's presence was between the cherubim on the mercy seat (Num 7:89; 1 Sam 4:4; 2 Sam 6:2; 2 Kings 19:15; Psa 80:1; 99:1; Isa 37:16). 
  • They carried the chariot God rode on in Ezekiel's temple vision as God's presence left His house (Ezek 1:26-28; 10:1). 
  • Their images were woven into the veil that separated the holy place from the most holy place in the temple (2 Chron 3:14).

But it would seem that the cherubim do not have the same role since Christ has come. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, a new and living way has been opened through the veil (Heb 10:20). We have been given the right to eat from the tree of life (Rev 22:14). God's presence has come back into his house (Rev 21:3). We have been made holy and thus we can come into God's presence (Col 1:21-22).

Father, what an awesome thought that we can approach the One who is Holy, Holy, Holy with boldness and have access to your throne!