Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

The Limits of Our Knowledge

Title:  The Limits of Our Knowledge
Reading for June 8:  Job 24-28

Then Bildad the Shuhite answered and said...
Job 25:1

Chapter 25 brings the speeches from Job's friends to a close. Beginning with Eliphaz in chapter 4, his friends have each taken three rounds with Job where the friends try to explain his suffering and then Job responds.

What is interesting is the friends have less to say with each round. The first round of speeches has 90 verses combined. The second round has 85 verses. The last round has 36 verses.

In the first two rounds all three of the friends have something to say to Job. The last round only Eliphaz and Bildad speak. Zophar has nothing else to say. And the last speech by Bildad here in chapter 25 only has 6 verses!

Apparently, the friends ran out of things to say. There is a not so subtle hint here: human wisdom about suffering is limited.

Let's be careful not to speak concerning matters we know nothing about. Like Job's friends our ignorance will be quickly exposed.

Father, to you alone belong wisdom and knowledge. Help us to remember our place and keep our mouths shut where you have not spoken.