Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

The Measure of Our Days

Title:  The Measure of Our Days
Reading for June 20:  Psalms 36-39

O LORD, make me know my end
    and what is the measure of my days;
    let me know how fleeting I am!
Psalm 39:4

What if I told you that in your mailbox is an envelope, and inside that envelope is a piece of paper with the number of days you have left in this life? Would you want to open that envelope?

What would you expect that number to be? If you’re very young, perhaps you would expect that number to be over 10,000. But you don’t know that. Young people die every day. But whether you are young or old, whether you are going to die sooner or later than expected, we all have a fixed number of days left. And God only knows how many days we each have remaining. 

And that’s why this is a good prayer for us. It is good wisdom to ask God to help us to know our end. The better we grasp how fragile our life is and how limited our time on earth is, the better we will work to prepare ourselves for eternity.

Father, help us to know what is the measure of our days.